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Homescapes Hack

A Complete Homescapes Guide To Cheats and Other Tricks

Homescapes is a casual game and designed with the combination of two concepts. The elements of combination are match-3 level concept and home renovation concept. As per the gameplay, the match-3 level concept is working as the source of earning funds. 

The funds those gathered from match-3 levels are spent in renovating the home. The way of Homescapes hack also can help us in gathering required funds for the proper renovation. We try to renovate the home by properly by which it looks impressive.

Renovation concept of the game

At the beginning of the game, the players can see a damaged mansion. By putting proper efforts, we need to make the mansion perfect for living. In the complete renovation process, we need to take help from in-game funds. For the proper renovation, we should be focused on upcoming factors.

  • Repairing damaged objects
  • Replacing the broken ones
  • Decorate home

With it, the complete mansion is divided into some areas. Due to it, we cannot access or renovate the complete mansion at a time. We need to renovate an area of home completely, and then we can access the next area. In this particular way, we can do progress in the renovation part properly.

Completing missions

Renovation of the home is mainly based on the missions. We need to perform activities as per the missions provided by the game. All missions are including some specific activities regarding renovation. For completing the mission, we are required to spend funds. After completing the mission, we receive an amount of funds as a reward.

Know more about match-3 levels

In the game, the match-3 concept is working as the main element. It is the only source which can help us in gathering a big amount of currency. For such a task, we need to complete different types of levels. The levels can be completed by achieving the objectives.

All levels are designed by tagging some specific objectives. We need to create combinations carefully by which we can achieve the objectives by consuming less time and moves. If we achieve objectives by saving the moves, then we are able to get a bonus in the form of currency. 

  • Power up
  • Boosters

 These two are the main elements of the match-3 levels.

Things to know about power up

Power up is a kind of specific tile which can help the players in eliminating numerous tiles at a time. For getting or activating any kind of power-up, the players need to create a specific combination. Following are some types of power-ups those we can create on the board.

Rocket – it can be used for cleaning a complete line of tiles. The line may be a column or a row. When it comes to its activation, then the players are required to match at least 4 tiles. The selection of row or column is completely based on the direction provided by the players.

Bombs – with the help of bomb, we can clear a specific number of tiles in a fixed radius. For blasting bomb on the board, we need to do double tab on it. In order to get a bomb on the board, the players should try to create the tile combination in T or L format.  

These two types of power-ups are mostly used by the players. We can use two others such as – paper planes (matching 4 tiles in square share) and rainbow ball (match 5 tiles in a line). The Homescapes cheats can help us in getting that how to utilize the funds and play the game. We should be smart and careful while playing the game.