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Welcome to the chatroom, posting links or spamming will result in a kick.
[07:54] Papasmuff:first time ever this makes sense
[07:54] Triett:lol spion56 is here? i saw you in a ranked soloq how are you guy
[07:55] GVKeane:how much can you even have
[07:55] CLGLourlo:anyone reddit here?
[07:55] hiitsviper:ty for the service
[07:55] Bokbokimacat:easy
[07:55] 2011:raise your points
[07:55] jivhust1:hi all who has some for me
[07:55] BalmungLFT:pretty sure this is saving me a lot of money
[07:55] Ramzlol:I would be so sad if this did not work because it took a while, thankfully it worked then
[07:55] RiotZALE:incredible
[07:55] iAmNotSorry:bye guys
[07:55] SimonHawkes:you guys watch nightblue?
[07:55] Indivisible:thanks to whoever pmed me his code it worked
[07:55] TSMLustboy:best free website cus it finally works
[07:55] TaintedDucky:is this twitch chat?
[07:55] Vultix:what was the latest update
[07:55] NKSoju:I have seen this generator on hotshot stream i think
[07:55] ST2g:aasdasdasd
[07:55] Iggypop:hi guys
[07:55] CoachLFProTeam:Can someone help me with the survey?
[07:55] Dessias:lol spion56 is here? i saw you in a ranked soloq how are you guy
[07:56] Dezx:worth
[07:56] IlIlIIIlIIIIlIII:maybe
[07:56] MasterCoach:I know
[07:56] Likang45:used this three times in a row with 15k lol this is great
[07:56] EpicLynx:fucking helll! all free!.
[07:56] KojotheCat:actually i had no problem with any survey ever, just try?
[07:56] deft1:
[07:56] Melo:thanks to whoever spams this website it worked
[07:56] DeTFMCeros:noobs pls if you dont know how to do it dont spam here okay
[07:56] irvintaype:i feel like i have as much as the progamers now without buying any!
[07:56] Zookerz:surveys dont appaer every time but i think its there to have enough money for the website to buy all codes
[07:56] C9BalIs:Cool =)
[07:56] GinormousNoob:had to reload page before it worked
[07:56] freelancer18:What you think about all this
[07:56] AllianceMike:any idea which skin i should get
[07:56] SombreroGalaxy:this still works at the moment